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A new poker event announced by Everest Poker

The well-known online poker site, Everest Poker has recently announced a poker cup dedicated to amateurs. This cup is called the Everest Poker International Cup (EPIC) and it consists of a series of online qualifiers resulting in 50 finalists who will take part in the Epic Live Finale in Alicante, Spain, 9-11 September 2011. The final winner will get $75,000.

The Epic Live Finale will have a $1,500 buy-in, accommodation costing $575 for 2 nights spent at the Hotel Spa Porta Maris, will offer dinners, a welcome party as well as $425 in cash for travel expenses.

There are a few stages to go through to win the EPIC package:

Step 1- Participate in the Free EPIC Feeders, which will take place 5 times daily, and finish in the top 10 to advance to step 2. Another way to advance to step 2 is to play and earn 5 Summit Points each day for 5 days of the previous week which earns you a free token.

Step 2- Next come the Weekly Satellites held every Sunday at 19:15 GMT. Only those who finish in top 25 will go to the next level. It is also possible to skip step 1 and buy directly your entry to step 2 for 250 Summit Points.

Step 3- The entry to the EPIC Tournament will be held on August 1 and 29 at 20:00 GMT in order to determine the 20 winners of the EPIC prize packages. Each of these EPIC Direct Entry Tournaments will award $25,000 cash plus 10 live finale packages. Of course, you can also buy directly into one of these events for 25,000 Summit Points.

A surprise awaits players who are new to the site or intend to sign up. They will benefit from the Fast track to Alicante Epic Rookie Satellites! They run every day at 19:15 GMT and are free for new players. The daily 10 finalists will be sent straight to Step 3, the Epic Direct Entry qualifier, where they will have the chance to win $25,000 and the entry to the final EPIC event!

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What is your poker style?

Most online poker rooms allow you to label your opponents according to a certain typology that covers all “types” of poker players, each with their own playing style. A player’s style is characterised by two attributes: the tightness and the aggressiveness of his play. There are:

  1. Tight players (who play very few hands) or loose players (who play a lot of hands);

  2. Aggressive players (who raise and bluff) or passive players (who call other players’ bets).

The online player types are called: calling station, maniac, shark, rock, fish, bomb. Some of these labels are good but some have a negative connotation and if you are attributed a bad label you will start losing money. Once you learn how to recognize the type of players you are dealing with, you will be able to defend your bankroll better and increase your winnings.

Calling Station: They are loose-passive players who wait for the others to initiate the action and call with almost any pair. They wait for almost all flops to be revealed and are involved in many showdowns. The best tactic against these players is to value bet big hands because they will follow you with their pairs, or even weaker hands. Bluffing is not recommended because it’s very likely they will call with weak hands.

Maniac: You can find all the details about this type in my previous post, the whole article being dedicated to them. Succinctly put, a maniac player raises a lot and is extremely active, getting involved in many hands.

Shark: This is the type that all players would like to become but you need experience in order to reach that level. Sharks are tight-aggressive and difficult to read, so they put you in difficulty. They play only big hands in good position and play them very aggressively. Don’t get involved with them when you are out of position, but if you do, be sure that you have hit big on the flop.

Rock: These players are even tighter than sharks, play only premium hands (high pocket pairs and high hands). You should avoid getting into pots with them unless you have a really strong hand.

Fish: This type is applicable to beginners or amateurs and is a combination of loose and passive play. They play lots of hands, chase pots on draws and call down to the river with almost any two cards, so make sure you value bet your big hands against them.

Bomb: They are a sort of maniacs, but more aggressive and even intimidating to play against. They make heavily use of bluffing, semi-bluffing and raising big. They have a weak spot though and you can catch them off guard with a check/raise when you connect on a flop because they almost always continuation bet after a flop where they have raised pre-flop.

Irrespective of whether you are playing online or offline, it is always useful to analyze your opponents and determine what type they are. In this way you can have better chances to extract the most chips from them.

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Maniac players. What is ‘setup play’?

This poker style characterizes the low-stake tables and the beginners. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to take advantage of their weakness in order to build your bankroll.

You can recognize a maniac player by the numerous raises and re-raises he makes despite the cards he holds, his position in the hand or the number of players that have called before him. He is an extremely active player so you should sit at his left at the poker table because this allows you to receive precious information provided by his actions.

They are long-term losers but on short instances they can ruin your bankroll. Nonetheless, it’s rather easy to handle them. First, when playing against such an opponent you should forget about creativity and fancy play and start playing by the book. Basic ABC poker gives the best results against this type of player. For example, when you have a good position you should lead with strong hands because they will most surely call if they hit the flop but if you don’t have a good position you should better check/raise because maniacs bluff heavily and bet on almost every flop.

Maniacs are pot addicted so make sure you pull them all in when you are certain that you have the best hand (but only when it looks that they have something big too, otherwise you should only bet).

“Setup play” is the style of play you use at the beginning of the game in order to create a false image of your playing style and leave the impression that you are a maniac. A setup play consists of a player raising from first position and you making a re-raise from last position with any two cards looking for a show down. For instance, if someone raises from first position with A-Q, you will re-raise in cut off with 7-5, he will certainly call. If the flop comes 9,7,3 he can put a continuation bet and you call. Let’s say the turn comes a 2; both of you check. If the river brings a 6; he checks, you check, or he bets in an attempt to bluff and you call. At the end, when he will see your cards he will believe that you are a maniac player and later you can gradually change your style and hope your setup play will pay off at some point.

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Do’s and don’ts – smart aggressive players

I’m sure you all have played at some point with a smart aggressive player and asked yourselves what tactics to use against them. Before delving into this subject, it may be helpful to point out some of the features of this type of player.

The Smart aggressive opponent usually raises from cut off and button positions in an attempt to steal the blinds when everyone else has folded or when a tight player has called . This player is extremely active so it is advisable to sit at his left at the table because this position allows you to monitor his/her actions. If your position is not so favourable try not getting into so many pots with him.

Nonetheless, the first two places at the left of the smart aggressive player are not so favourable when you are in small blind or big blind as you will lose position. Be prepared to put a fight now and then to keep him honest because he tries to steel the blinds. You must not let him abuse you every time because the blinds bring in the action at the poker game (without them everyone will just wait for the best hand preflop: pocket aces). When the smart aggressive player raises from the button position and one or more players are already in hand you should better fold because you will be out of position. When everyone folds and he raises, you should analyze if his hand is real or he just wants to steel, taking into consideration the frequency of his previous raises from last position. In case he does this often, you should protect your blind by calling with hands that beat his range (the range represents the type of hands with which you assume he raises on the button). Remember that it’s a huge mistake to call with any two cards. So, if you don’t hit the flop you have two options: to check/fold after his bet on the flop, or to bluff by check/raise, letting him believe that you hit big. The last option, as you may assume, can’t be used too often.

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Poker nowadays

Poker’s a day to learn and a lifetime to master” says Robert Williamson III, a well-known nowadays poker player. This may look like a little bit exaggerate given the fact that poker is a game with only 52 cards and 9 hierarchical hands. It is true that you can fill your book shelves at home with all the poker books out there but why do you need a lifetime to master it?

The answer to this question lies in today’s competition which is so fierce that the poker theory alone is no longer enough to win. Nowadays you need extra skills if you want to succeed and make a living from poker. Back in the 70′ s when poker started to become more and more attractive, players such as Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson and David Sklansky made their money more easily than they could in the current poker world. That was possible because they were smart people (Sklansky was a well-known backgammon player, Reese had studied economics at Dartmouth) and understood the mathematics of poker game. Playing according to mathematical probabilities was a huge advantage against their opponents who were either uneducated or played for entertainment.

The difference nowadays is that almost every player knows the mathematics of the poker game so it is no longer a competitive advantage. So what elements can make you a big winner nowadays? It may be the smart aggression and no respect for money characteristic of Tom Dwan’s playing style. It may be. To my mind, the most important element is riding the weak opponent and neutralize whatever aggression he manifests. Another successful skill is to become a great reader like Daniel Negreanu. To do this, you need hundreds of thousands of hands and many years of opponents’ game observation that allows you to distinguish between the logical and illogical behaviour of your adversaries from the multitude of situations that occur during each poker game.

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Gibraltar raises taxes on online gambling

Gibraltar was known as the heaven of gambling companies due to the low tax rates applied to gambling revenues but a recent law will increase those taxes tenfold, that is from 1% to 10%.

Though, at first sight, this measure seems drastic, experts claim that gambling companies will not flee Gibraltar in search of better fiscal heavens. Why will that not happen? Because of the VAT exemption. As an article from The Guardian explains, online gambling companies will start paying the standard 10% tax rate as any other business does but will continue to be exempted from the Value Added Tax (VAT), meaning that Gibraltar will remain an attraction for the gambling investors.

“Nobody will leave,” declared Victor Chandler in an interview for El País newspaper, “although we’ll all complain about the tax going up.”

Victor Chandler is the chairman of Victor Chandler International, an old and famous independent bookmaker in the United Kingdom. Active since 1946, this company does much of its business online nowadays, covering a variety of gambling activities including sports betting, casino games and online poker.

Even during the low tax rates period, the Gibraltar government used to collect millions of pounds from the online gambling industry. For example in 2009 they raised £10.5 million as tax revenue. Imagine how much this sum will rocket when the tax rate will increase tenfold.

It seems that this measure comes in line with Gibraltar’s efforts to conform more with the EU legislation. According to first minister Peter Caruana, excluding tax exemptions is necessary for this purpose.

“However, in order to sustain our successful economic model we must retain a commitment to a very competitive corporate tax model,”he added.

Some of the many famous online gambling companies have their headquarters in Gibraltar: PartyGaming, William Hill, and Ladbrokes.

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Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies in a long-lasting downswing

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, the well-known Finnish pro, has been lingering for some time now in what he calls in his blog ”the longest downswing” of his life. It seems that he has lost over $3 million since the beginning of October and no sign of improvement is envisaged for the coming days.

The 27 year-old pro has recently played online Cap PLO on Full Tilt against Rami ‘Arbianight’ Boukai and Marcello ‘luckesxpress10’ Marigliano. The result was again disastrous for Sahamies who enriched his adversaries by six-figure sums. You can find more about how Sahamies feels about this whole situation from his blog. Here is just a fragment from what he wrote:

“I’m f done with poker, sickest downswing ever. Basic downswing, not in the mood for playing, but still playing, whatever”

Since the beginning of his online experience with Full Tilt in 2007, Ziigmund has reached a peak of $6.8 million but currently he finds himself relatively comfortable with the $1,654,112 he has left.

In poker, swings are a normal element of a player’s life. Ups and downs are alternating continuously and the important thing is to know how to handle them emotionally and to have the motivation to go on. Sahamies has a reputation for being a hyper-aggressive and eccentric player and therefore he is used to experiencing impressive swings. As for how he handles them, his answer was:

“I really don’t know how I handle those. Sometimes I feel I don’t handle those at all but it’s just money…nothing serious.”

As the poker theory says, when you are in a downswing it is better to stop playing because your exhaustion and negative state of mind will drag you even lower. Let’s hope Ziigmund remembers this basic advice from poker theory and takes the best decision that puts him back on track.

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Casino thief ordered to repay the stolen money

Alain Joseph Nelson Germain, aged 51, was found guilty of stealing almost $1.2 million from a Saskatchewan casino and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, a shorter sentence than he initially expected to receive for his crime. Besides imprisonment, the sentence contains the order to pay back the stolen sum to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), order that Germain can’t respect as the money is all gone.

Alain was the director of an ATM company, Canadian First Nations ATM services, and he abused his position to steal $1.2 million meant to reimburse SIGA for ATM transactions made at two of its casinos. He then started spending this money on luxury items while SIGA was filing lawsuits against other individuals and business entities trying to find the culprit.

When the culprit was finally found the money were all gone. “I’m glad everything is over and I can go on with my life,” said Germain after his sentencing. But everything is not over because he is compelled to repay SIGA what’s rightfully hers’.

“The restitution is tacked on for the rest of my life and who is really suffering is not me as an individual but it’s my family.” It’s a little late to think about the family, now that the damage was already done.

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The positive effects of poker for the brain

It is known that mentally stimulating activities help reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease but what is less known is that poker is among those activities.

According to a 2009 study conducted in France on 5,000 people, there is a reduction of 50% in the occurrence rate of all forms of dementia for elderly people who played card games twice a week in comparison with those mentally sedentary. The study’s author, Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, who is one of the top Alzheimer’s researchers, discovered that the more you relax during your retirement the higher the risk of getting a form of dementia.

He declared: “The logical extension of the data we have on dementia is that a person who is still capable of working, who is mentally stimulated with a strong sense of purpose. is better off from the cognitive point of view continuing to engage in that position.” Otherwise put, those who spend their retirements vegetating in front of the TV are worse off than those who participate in brain stimulating activities.

“We have a social idea of what retirement consists of and we need to re-examine that idea,” he added.

“Use it or lose it,” wisely said co-author of the study in question, Dr. John Powell.

The good news is that poker is one of the activities that count as “using it”. The mental stimulation that poker produces is efficient in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Other activities from the category of “using it” are board games such as chess and even physical activities that require you to be creative, like dancing.

In 2006, 26.6 million people worldwide were suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease characterised by long-term memory loss, confusion and other symptoms of dementia. Alzheimer’s affects not only the individuals and their families but also the medical system and the economy at large through the enormous costs it generates.

Let’s play free poker for the fun of it and for preserving our future mental health!

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